108 Media Shares the Most Effective Tips for Creating Online Content

108 Media Shares the Most Effective Tips for Creating Online Content

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TORONTO, ON / June 23, 2021 / Content is as critical as the aesthetics and design of your website since it helps increase website traffic, establishes your company as an authoritative, industry leader, and drives search engine results. In the modern content marketplace, quantity and quality determine your ability to utilize content to reach business goals and results. With such heavy importance on content, it is important to understand how to effectively write for your website. Industry content leaders 108 Media share their best tips below.

Create a Head-Turning Headline

All content starts with an interesting headline that draws the reader in to read the article. If the headline is boring, irrelevant, or does not stir emotion in the audience, you will not reach the desired results. Brush up on some traffic-driven strategies and proven headline creation techniques.

Focus on One Purpose

Always identify one key message you wish to convey before generating new content. As you write, remember this point, and tie it back to the overall purpose of the article.

Grab the Reader’s Attention

You have around three seconds to keep readers interested in the article after the headline. The first sentences play a crucial role in determining if the audience will stick around to read the rest of the article. That means you must capture the reader’s attention and lead them to the first point.

Optimize Digital Content

108 Media has found that the best online content comprises bulleted lists, short sentences, and short paragraphs, which improve readability. Digital content must also be optimized for search engines by using the latest SEO strategies and following best practices within all written content. This includes long guide articles to short captions.

Research, Research, Research

Before writing, 108 Media urges you to have extensive knowledge of the topic, especially if the article is being used in the business-to-business market where experts will be assessing the information. Always include metrics, data, and statistics to support claims and establish credibility.

Effective content writing is crucial in transforming visitors into happy customers. It isn’t just about blasting the Internet with more content; it is about providing high-quality information that helps visitors see your site as authoritative. Now that you have these effective writing tips, get to writing!

About 108 Media

108 Media is a fast growing global media company specializing in content development, distribution, branded content and media financing. 108 Media is focused on emerging markets and cross-cultural content solutions with 7 offices across the globe. 108 Media are specialists in cross-border project structuring and capturing multiple revenue streams through diversification of media assets. With over 100+ years of combined experience in the TV and film business, the experts at 108 Media know exactly what is and isn’t effective. The team knows what to embrace and what to avoid ensuring your company is a success.

With a production repertoire ranging from micro-budget films to premium network shows and beyond, their team strives to do things the right way, so you are successful! With an army of creatives ready to generate new content to drive online traffic to your site, the 108 team has got your back!