ActivePure Unveils the Future of Indoor Air Quality for Businesses During Air Quality Awareness Week May 1-5

ActivePure Unveils the Future of Indoor Air Quality for Businesses During Air Quality Awareness Week May 1-5

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ActivePure, a global leader in air and surface disinfection technology, is using Air Quality Awareness Week to educate the public on the timely importance of improving indoor air quality (IAQ). As more organizations recognize IAQ’s economic and wellness necessity and increasingly invest more resources into innovative technologies to improve it, the future of indoor air quality looks promising for businesses across the economy. With the ongoing threat of pandemics and public health crises, there will likely be a sustained focus on air purification and filtration systems that can help to prevent the spread of airborne viruses and other contaminants.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Air Quality Awareness Week and to showcase our latest innovations in air purification technology,” said Joe Urso, CEO of ActivePure. “Our products are engineered to improve the quality of indoor air, which has always been critically important and has been catalyzed by the global health crisis caused by COVID. We believe everyone should have access to clean, healthy air and are proud to have proven technology at the forefront of this critical mission.”

ActivePure believes there may be a greater emphasis on creating healthy and sustainable buildings prioritizing IAQ and energy efficiency. The implications for this trend may include using green building materials, integrating smart building technologies to optimize HVAC systems and 21st-century air and surface disinfection technologies, and implementing IAQ monitoring and reporting systems to track and improve air quality over time.

In honor of “Working Together for Clean Air” – Air Quality Awareness Week, it is important to recognize that while the United States is making strides toward improving indoor air quality, there are also pressures that can worsen it. ActivePure outlines seven predictions for the future of IAQ:

  1. Outdoor air pollution will continue to worsen and inevitably affect IAQ. With an estimated 68 percent of the world living in cities by 2050, more people will live near sources of outdoor pollution like airports, roadways, and factories. Climate change also exacerbates this problem by increasing the frequency of droughts and wildfires. While well-sealed buildings may keep these contaminants outdoors, they often accomplish this at the expense of increasing carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and viruses inside. The solution is a balance of energy-saving ventilation technology and active air purification.
  2. COVID-19 will continue to be a concern for the global economy. With natural human immunity waning and viruses mutating, COVID-19 will remain endemic. The hope for a universal vaccine is slim, and we must instead accommodate the virus’s endemic nature throughout our economic and public health infrastructure.
  3. Federal indoor air quality standards may eventually be established. Currently, there is no federal standard for IAQ, as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate indoor air quality. However, as more people become aware of IAQ, a push for regulation may increase.
  4. Organizational IAQ policies will become the norm as they link intricately with sustainability goals. After the recent global pandemic, organizations quickly assembled COVID-19 safety plans. Now that we know how COVID-19 and other pathogens spread through the air, many organizations will regulate their air quality policies more proactively, resulting in greater peace of mind for their personnel and better bottom lines for their stakeholders.
  5. 21st-century technologies will be used to augment ventilation dependency. The heating and cooling systems of American buildings and infrastructure significantly impact the environment, leaving behind a considerable carbon footprint. In the United States alone, HVAC operating costs account for nearly 40 percent of a building’s total energy consumption. However, as a building improves its ventilation and filter efficiency, energy consumption can rise sharply due to increased space conditioning and fan power demands. This can lead to catastrophic economic and environmental consequences as the built environment’s energy demands already account for 20 percent of our carbon footprint. Modernization will be required as companies prioritize their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.
  6. Active air treatment will become a standard utility in commercial and residential settings. Scientific evidence shows that illnesses routinely spread through indoor air via small aerosols. Active air treatment will therefore become as standard as indoor water treatment. However, active air treatment must also actively address contaminants in occupied rooms.
  7. Everyone will continue to insist on better indoor air quality in light of recent public health crises. Research links indoor air pollution to various health issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought even greater urgency to the public consciousness. As a result, better-educated consumers, constituents, employees, owners, and managers will demand improvements in IAQ.

ActivePure emphasizes the importance of balancing energy-saving ventilation technology and active air purification to combat the negative effects of outdoor pollution and fight indoor pathogens. The company also highlights the significance of addressing COVID-19 concerns through active air disinfection systems that proactively address contaminants in occupied rooms.

These predictions suggest that people must demand better indoor air quality to maintain healthy living, working, and leisure environments. By working together, everyone can take the right steps to ensure that the air we breathe indoors is clean, safe, and healthy. ActivePure encourages everyone to take action and make a difference during Air Quality Awareness Week.

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Privately held ActivePure has been the global leader in sustainable, active, and continuous surface and air disinfection systems for healthcare and educational institutions, commercial and public facilities, and hospitality and residential applications since 1924. The patented ActivePure Technology has been proven in independent university and laboratory testing to effectively control and neutralize indoor contaminants. ActivePure is the only product in its class recognized by the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology and inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame. In 2022, ActivePure was named on the Inc. 5000 list of most successful and fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Additionally, the ActivePure Medical Guardian is registered and cleared as an FDA Class II Medical Device. ActivePure Technology was originally developed exclusively for use in space exploration and has since evolved for use in commercial and consumer products to reduce exposure to pathogens, including RNA and DNA viruses, bacteria, and molds, by up to 99.9 percent in the air and on surfaces. For more information, please visit or call 888-217-4316.


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