America’s Preventable Chronic Disease Epidemic is Spiraling Out of Control

America’s Preventable Chronic Disease Epidemic is Spiraling Out of Control

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America is drowning in a devastating yet preventable epidemic of chronic disease.

The scale of suffering is staggering. Per the WHO, ailments like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illness account for 86% of the 90 million annual deaths worldwide. Here at home, 60% of U.S. adults suffer from at least one chronic condition while 40% have two or more.

Despite billions spent on sick-care each year, the nation only gets more obese, more diabetic, and more cancer-ridden. The system has failed utterly to curb the preventable chronic disease crisis.

With lives and dollars hemorrhaging, it’s past time for radical change. America desperately needs a revolution in lifestyle medicine to reverse this losing battle.

The Writing Was On The Wall

Here’s the tragic truth – this catastrophe was avoidable. Scientists have warned for decades that diet drives chronic disease rates. But their calls went unheeded.

Back in 1977, an expert Senate committee heard testimony from 1,100 scientists across 8 countries concluding that leading killers like heart disease and cancer could be reduced 30% through nutrition alone.

Imagine the suffering that could have been prevented if the government had acted on this advice over 40 years ago. But it didn’t, bowing to food industry pressure instead of public health.

So the junk food giants got richer while the nation got sicker. Today’s unprecedented chronic disease rates were seeded by the failure to heed scientists’ warnings decades ago.

An Ounce Of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The truth of this ancient wisdom is crystal clear today as America drowns in preventable chronic illness.

The good news is natural preventative strategies exist to reverse disease before it strikes. Study after study shows healthy lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress reduction prevent up to 80% of chronic diseases.

For example, cutting-edge research reveals ketogenic diets can starve cancer tumors while an anti-inflammatory whole foods approach reduces heart disease risk. Science continues unlocking the incredible disease-fighting powers inherent in real food and holistic living.

Lifestyle medicine is the future of preventative care. While the sick-care system waits for illness to treat, proactive natural strategies stop disease upstream. As we awaken to the truth that good food is the best medicine, illness rates already in free fall can plummet further.

Embracing Prevention

Innovative healthcare practitioners like Dr. Mark Mincolla Ph.D. are pioneering this lifestyle medicine revolution. Dr. Mincolla is a Nutritional Therapist who has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 patients over the last 35 years. His practice focuses on blended medicine, a treatment approach that combines traditional and natural medicine, pairing time-tested natural healing with evidence-based nutrition to prevent illness rather than waiting to prescribe drugs downstream.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Mincolla has helped patients restore health through tailored nutrition plans, not pharmaceuticals. His patients become empowered partners in their own care, using food as medicine to correct deficiencies, reduce inflammation and optimize well-being.

This collaborative prevention model may prove to be the revolution America needs. Of course, no one solution will end chronic disease alone – not doctors, nor patients, nor policymakers. But together, through education and lifestyle changes, we can overcome this preventable epidemic.

As a population, our shared health begins with individual actions. Every meal is a chance to vote for sickness or vitality. Minimizing processed carbs, sugars, and seed oils while maximizing nutrient density is disease-fighting medicine we can implement today.

Reclaiming Health

We stand at a crossroads of disease and wellness. Continuing down the junk food path will further explode illness while bankrupting the nation.

The sick-care system alone cannot heal this. The cure lies in personal and policy commitment to prevention – the health revolution awaits activation from each of us.

Chronic disease is a choice – individually through lifestyle and collectively through inaction. But by embracing food as medicine and prevention as the priority, America can reclaim its health. Doing so will save trillions in costs and immeasurable human suffering.

The warning signs have flashed for decades. The science shows nutrition is the cure. Integrative doctors are pioneering solutions.

All the pieces exist for a national lifestyle medicine revolution. Now the choice is ours to put these pieces together and activate the change we need.

The time for prevention is now. Our families, communities, economy and future depend on ending this preventable chronic disease epidemic starting today.


Mark Mincolla PhD, The Path to Natural Healing has been transforming lives for over 35 years. Dr. Mincolla is a nutritional therapist who zero’s in on each patient’s individual unique needs to overcome mental, physical, and emotional conditions. To learn more, visit the website of Mark Mincolla PhD, The Path to Natural Healing. Additional information can be found on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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