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Adoption of the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)

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Following an earlier announcement by the EU Parliament in April, the European Union Council announced yesterday it had adopted the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) that aims to minimise the risk of deforestation and forest degradation associated…

Cleveland School of Cannabis Celebrates Over 900 Graduates, on Path to National Accreditation

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The cannabis industry is steadily growing. Though there has been an increased political debate, the general population is adopting a more positive outlook on the trade. In 2022, nearly $3 billion were collected off retail…

Why 95% of Startups Fail…and How to Beat the Odds

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In 2022, funding for IT startups fell 35%, compared to the previous year, creating additional pressure on cash-strapped IT startups to work with qualified recruiters to find ideal candidates for their companies. The startup landscape…

How To Grow a Sustainability Pilot Into Reality at Scale

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Meta data centers are among the most advanced, energy-efficient in the world. Despite their enormous footprint, however, these structures are designed with the respect of our land, our communities, and our people in mind by…

Revolutionize Egg Monitoring With EggTemp and EggTemp-RH Data Loggers

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 Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise monitoring with MadgeTech’s EggTemp and EggTemp-RH, purpose-built to provide unmatched performance in real-world egg processing and storage settings. These cutting-edge data loggers are a game-changer for egg…

BITmarkets Supporting Crypto Transparency on Trade Events in the Gulf

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BITmarkets, one of the most distinctive crypto exchanges, accompanies its dynamic growth by active participation in major events of the crypto community. In the Gulf region, BITmarkets has been recently awarded the Best Crypto Exchange…

Stella Jets– Texas Based Private Jet Company’s Valuable New Offerings are Raising Industry Standards To Higher Altitudes

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 Stella Jets is an all female owned private jet company located in Southlake Texas offering values that are exceeding expectations with the launch of their newest expansion and updates. The company has announced many new add…

Think Meta Releases New Book Titled ‘The Efficiency Journal

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Think Meta, a coaching and educational company, has released a new book authored by CEO Misha Saidov titled “The Efficiency Journal.” This book is designed to be a helpful guide and workbook for individuals who…

Emily Loftiss Shares Tips for Red Carpet ‘Everyday Glam’ on TipsOnTV

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It is red carpet, awards and runway season, and it is easier than ever to create some fabulous looks in minutes right at home. Glamour does not have to be costly, nor does it have…

From Farm to Product – A Look at How The Juice Plus+ Company Harvests Their Produce and Creates Their Nutritional Products

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As consumer awareness around food production and sourcing continues to grow, it’s increasingly important for companies in the health space to be transparent about the origin and production of their products. At The Juice Plus+ Company,…