Classroom Screen Monitoring Software, a Home-field Advantage

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software, a Home-field Advantage

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The Blocksi Benefit

PALO ALTO, CA / June 30, 2021 / With homeschooling becoming more prevalent than ever, the need for classroom screen monitoring software has gone up as well. There are few things more important to a parent than their child’s education, and few things less important to a child. While in a perfect world, the honor system would be proficient to ensure a child is using their learning time efficiently, it is better to be on the side of caution. That is why more and more parents and teachers are flocking to classroom screen monitoring software. Blocksi provides parents with a dashboard to manage their child’s screen time that is intuitive, and easy on the eyes. If you have a child or children that struggle to focus on their academic studies, a k12 web filter will help to ensure they spend more time on integers than on Instagram.

We Brought Enough for the Whole Class

One thing that sets Blocksi classroom screen monitoring software apart from others, is that you can monitor each individual student’s screen in a central hub. The category-based filtering of this program also ensures that students only ever have web access to pertinent material for the coursework. The central hub of this software allows the administrator to enforce and manage internet content on every Chromebook and Windows-OS device. The software also collects and stores information on each class that can be reviewed to help improve and add to the current curriculum.

The K12 Web Filter

Not to brag, okay we are going to brag. Blocksi is the only classroom screen monitoring software that has a K12 web filter. In fact, this program has been in use across thousands of school districts since 2011. The software allows for cloud internet filtering and trend analysis that works both on and off-campus on Chromebooks and Windows-OS devices. This is accomplished through strategically geographically distributed rating and analytics nodes. The Blocksi education manager allows for 4 dashboards, so a collaborative effort can be made by admins, teachers, parents, and principals to ensure each student is receiving the attention they need to nurture their academic growth. The web filter can be moderated geographically, and over time. This software is easily scalable to thousands of Chromebook and Windows operating systems.

Student Safety

Another great feature of the Blocksi program is that it tracks the location and activity of every computer using the system. This not only works to monitor classrooms but is a great deterrent to theft. The program can directly message any computer, as well as ping its location. This means that whether a computer is lost or stolen, it has a much better chance of being recovered. This program is also great at detecting potential harmful behavior such as cyber bullies and predatory messages along with scanning for inappropriate images. The software offers another avenue to detect potentially harmful behavior that threatens the safety of students.

Blocksi allows both parents and teachers to work in harmony to ensure an environment most conducive to their student’s academic success.

About Blocksi:

Blocksi, founded in 2011, is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and is dedicated to providing powerful and insightful cloud content filtering and classroom management systems to in-school or remote educators, IT directors, principals, and to education technology market at large.

Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere- non-proxy and fully distributed in the cloud, it features 4 dashboards to help filter in-school and remote students, track their devices, and even detect signs of cyberbullying and harm within their Google apps and activate auto-alerts accordingly. Teachers can now manage their class in a hybrid or fully remote setting: video conferencing, attendance-taking, lockdown browser assessments, and screen monitoring are just some of the tools they can utilize to seamlessly run their classroom without interruptions.