Cleveland School of Cannabis Celebrates Over 900 Graduates, on Path to National Accreditation

Cleveland School of Cannabis Celebrates Over 900 Graduates, on Path to National Accreditation

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The cannabis industry is steadily growing. Though there has been an increased political debate, the general population is adopting a more positive outlook on the trade. In 2022, nearly $3 billion were collected off retail cannabis taxes. As the industry spreads, it’s important to have trained professionals who can keep the development and exchange of cannabis a swift, safe, and easy process. Enter the Cleveland School of Cannabis, a workforce development company that aims to foster adult learning through high-quality, residential and online education related to the industry.

Established in 2016, the Cleveland School of Cannabis has established itself as a premier career school with high-level education standards, time-effective certifications, and positive reviews from its alumni and industry partners. CSC is currently the only state approved career school for cannabis education east of Colorado. The school integrates personal development along with career-oriented skills and knowledge related to cannabis, science, and business to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in the industry.

Cleveland School of Cannabis offers in-person and online education, flexible class hours, and hands-on training, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that allows students to confidently absorb their coursework. These certificate programs have an average completion time of about 4-6 months. The school also has a subsidiary company called Cannabis Hub that specializes In short form pre-recorded courses. These are used in B2B training for cannabis licensees, consumers, and government officials. Cannabis Hub is also used to white label the curriculum used through CSC’s partner colleges. Through Cannabis Hub, CSC can work with other academic institutions such as Onondaga Community College to provide industry-approved cannabis education to a broader spectrum of students.

To date, Cleveland School of Cannabis has proudly claimed over 900 alumni from its programs. The company works hand-in-hand with cannabis licensees and industry-leading affiliates in all major sectors of the cannabis industry. This partnership has supplied partners with high performing graduates and quality customer service to fuel the growth of their company. CSC is currently in the final stages of national accreditation through Middle States Association. Completing this would make the first nationally accredited cannabis-focused career school. CSC is currently working to have over 10,000 alumni working in the industry by the year 2028.

About The Cleveland School of Cannabis

The Cleveland School of Cannabis is a workforce development company that has graduated over 900 students for all workforce areas of need in the cannabis industry. The company works closely with small and large cannabis licensees to provide a quality workforce to serve consumers at a high level and fuel the growth of affiliate companies. The company also works with other educational institutions to support their curriculum needs and offer quality cannabis education to their student population. CSC is currently a state approved cannabis career school that is in the final stages of national accreditation through Middle State Association, a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performed peer evaluation and regional accreditation of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States recognized by the US Department of Education. This accreditation will make CSC the first nationally accredited career school focused on the cannabis industry.

To learn more, visit the Cleveland School of Cannabis online at, or contact:

Kevin Greene
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CSC can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at clevelandschoolofcannabis.

SOURCE: Cleveland School of Cannabis

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