Datatang Onsite Presence at Tech.AD 2023 Spotlights One Stop Data Solution for Autonomous Vehicle

Datatang Onsite Presence at Tech.AD 2023 Spotlights One Stop Data Solution for Autonomous Vehicle

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One Stop Data Solution for Autonomous Vehicle is front and center at Tech.AD 2023 in the Datatang’s booth. The unique booth concept seamlessly meets the visitor’s needs from the training data collected and annotation solution and quality-assured one-stop design to enhance all aspects of autonomous driving.

The concept presented by Datatang at the booth is consistent with the theme of Tech.AD 2023.

Today at Tech.AD, Datatang unveiled its latest One Stop Data Solution for Autonomous Driving, including a wide range of customization needs such as collection and annotation. The company emphasized the complete, compliant and effective of its solution, which includes multi-level quality inspections for data quality management to ensure the ability to deliver fast, high-quality data.

During the Tech.AD’s discussion conference, Datatang discussed how its One Stop for the latest data solutions for Multi-Sensor Fusion Perception and In-Cabin Visual Perception to ensure higher quality data and faster delivery capabilities throughout the project cycle, from data collection, annotation, and quality control to acceptance.

At Tech.AD, Datatang also showcased its self-developed efficient data annotation platform, which is driven by human-in-the-loop technology and greatly enhances project implementation efficiency, and can supports diversified 3D point cloud data annotation tasks, such as object detection, object tracking, object segmentation, etc. In addition, Datatang also provide data annotation services for image, speech, video and text.

During the Tech.AD conference, Datatang opened the opportunity to experience its annotation platform for free, attracting customers coming and going to operate and use it, and an expert with nearly 10 years of experience in the AI industry was on hand to share insights on diverse datasets solutions.

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