Dubai’s Revolutionary Blockchain, ICICB Chain, Accumulates Momentum as Influential Figures Showcase their Interest in the Innovative Solution

Dubai’s Revolutionary Blockchain, ICICB Chain, Accumulates Momentum as Influential Figures Showcase their Interest in the Innovative Solution

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2022 / The record-breaking year for crypto and blockchain in 2021 catalyzed new avenues of opportunities towards a new digital age. It gave rise to a series of embryonic digital worlds (metaverse space) and non-fungible tokens, which have been labeled as ‘future giants’ by financial experts due to the exposure of its vast potential. Developments for novel virtual worlds and NFTs have already positively impacted colossal sectors such as entertainment and retailing. Subsequent to the buzz created, major corporations thus far seem to be dabbling into these pioneering projects in attempts to gain competitive edges over industry rivals.

ICICB has emerged as one of the globe’s fastest-growing holding corporations following their successful delivery to financial experts. With a diverse assortment of licenses ranging from FinTech, cryptoexchange, hedge funds and many more financial permits, the group has recorded a surge in profits from US$800 million to US$1.4 billion by the end of 2021. ICICB has cemented its status at the forefront of the profound reform through the launch of its revolutionary blockchain solution. Following the release of private sale on 22/02/2022, ICICB’s smart initiative has successfully garnered appeal amongst technological experts in the UAE as well as prominent celebrity crypto-enthusiasts. The likes of Ronaldinho, French Montana and Offset are just a few of the major influencers that adopted an appeal towards the solution.

Following the learning curve provided by building a rich alliance with ATARI, ICICB announced the introduction of its own innovative blockchain solution that is set to have potent potential and competitive advantages over the existing technology. Subsequent to absorbing the intricacies within blockchain technology, ICICB’s creative solution provides disruptive attributes such as seamless interconnectivity, inexpensive fees and unparalleled speed. ICICB holds its well-grounded foundation as a key success factor for the appeal towards crypto-enthusiasts, which oversees a fully interactive ecosystem and decentralized structures backing the blockchain-based digital world. Furthering this, plans have been revealed that ICICB will soon launch its own wallet, digital metaverse space, and NFT marketplace. In this virtual realm, users will experience breath-taking graphics and be empowered to engage in many real-world activities. The pro-active team at ICICB has also released future proposals such as the first multiplayer shooting play-to-earn scheme through sensing the versatility of the emergence of proto-life and how it can place the firm at the forefront of this groundbreaking era.

The versatility of the ecosystem will provide sustainable investing solutions to global clients through new job creation, metaverse land uses and leveraging NFTs for fashion, avatars, skins, weapons and more. These features empower the renowned and diverse ICICB to successfully tick the boxes of fulfilling the 2022 space potential. Notable influencers from sports and entertainment such as Ronaldinho, French Montana, Offset and other Middle Eastern figures such as Burak Yeter and Rajaa Belmir have been actively promoting the solution that launched on 22/02/2022 on their social media pages. They have urged their fans to get involved with the project “@icicbchain”. Additionally, Ambassadors in the UAE have also showcased their appeal to the solution as they seek to overturn the traditional business systems in various sectors, from finance to gaming.

With a mission to become the world’s most dynamic technology firm, the Dubai-based conglomerate has gained popularity through the development of ingenious smart solutions, its consistency of incubating various smarter technologies, and its empowering ethos to revamp client experience across a multitude of industries.


ICICB is an investment holding company specialized in financial services and investment offerings. Emerging as one of the fastest-growing multinational investment companies, they are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group serves a variety of industries including digital banking, consulting, medical care and commercial real estate. Over the past few years, ICICB’s mission has been the development and advancement of digital technology, integrated with everyday life to increase efficiency and sustainability.

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