Family Co-Authors David, Emberli And Brooke Pridham Release The Next Story Book In Their Popular If Not You, Then Who? Kids Series If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend With A Fashionista

Family Co-Authors David, Emberli And Brooke Pridham Release The Next Story Book In Their Popular If Not You, Then Who? Kids Series If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend With A Fashionista

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If Not You, Then Who? creators David and Emberli Pridham added 7-year-old daughter Brooke to their co-author team for the release of the sixth installment in their nationally renowned and bestselling children’s book series, If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista. (Kindle edition:

If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista returns Fairley siblings Brooke, Noah and Graham as they set out for New York City to visit their cousin Delfi who just landed her first job in fashion design. Delphi takes her young cousins under her wing and introduces them to the world she has aspired to be part of her entire life. Along the way, Brooke becomes filled with curiosity – how do fashion designers get their ideas? Who invented everyday things like zippers and Velcro? How about miniskirts and men’s ties? Who are Coco Chanel and Lilly Pulitzer? Brooke, her brothers – and If Not You, Then Who? readers — explore these questions and more as they spend a weekend with a fashionista!

“We design each book to share both a fun and exciting story for kids, paired with stories of invention all aimed at inspiring young readers to learn more about the world of invention and inventors and encouraging them to use their imaginations to come up with their own creations,” said David Pridham.

“Fashion is an ultimate expression of originality and creativity, the cornerstones of invention. If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista is especially written to inspire children to think outside the box and invent their own future, perhaps even becoming the next fashion icon,” added Emberli Pridham.

Celebrated by child development experts and educators for inspiring young inventors and entrepreneurs ages 4-9 by sparking their creativity and imagination, Pridham’s If Not You, Then Who? books explore how inventions and inventors can come from anywhere – and be anybody. The books feature Brooke Fairley and her younger brothers Noah and Graham as they use their imaginations to design their own inventions, all the while exploring how Inventors solve everyday problems, how some of our most enduring inventions were created by accident and how inventors contribute toward improving our lives and the world. The book series also shares the importance of protecting original ideas – something author David Pridham knows well from his years of experience as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Harbor Group, LLC, a national leader in patent licensing.

Accompanying the If Not You, Then Who? books is the series’ companion website, The Young Inventors Club (Inventor’s Club | Empowering Young Inventors Everywhere ( created to further expand the world of invention to the books’ vast and growing kid readership. Open to every family, the Young Inventors Club empowers children to explore how inventions are made and how they can create inventions of their own. The Club also spotlights great inventors throughout history – and introduces kids to many of today’s most acclaimed inventors. Members will also get the chance to win prizes by entering any of the Club’s many contests and enjoy a variety of downloadable fun and games. By joining the If Not You, Then Who? children will discover a world of innovation that will inspire them for years to come.

If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista is by David, Emberli and Brooke Pridham. Illustrations are by Nadia Ronquillo. An eBook version of If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista is available exclusively through Amazon. If Not You, Then Who? – Weekend with A Fashionista hardcover version is available via Amazon, Walmart, Ingram, Weeva and the authors’ own website,

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