Founder and CEO, Jean Francois Desormeaux Discusses Sustainable Real Estate Development

Founder and CEO, Jean Francois Desormeaux Discusses Sustainable Real Estate Development

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Founder and CEO, Jean Francois Desormeaux Discusses Sustainable Real Estate Development

LAVAL QC / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2022 / Jean Francois Desormeaux is a well-known and respected founder and CEO of multiple residential, industrial, and commercial real estate development companies. Among all of his accomplishments, he may be best known for his insight into real estate development, particularly in terms of sustainability. During our discussion, Jean Francois Desormeaux explained that sustainability is an essential part of the branding strategy for many businesses. But sustainability as a branding strategy is only as good as accurate. Jean Francois Desormeaux warns that too many organizations are sustainable in name only. When word comes out that a company is only paying lip service to an eco-conscious customer base, it can be a disaster for public relations.

Jean Francois Desormeaux tells us that sustainability often comes down to the properties where a company keeps its offices and productivity centers. For a commercial real estate developer to deliver on a promise of true sustainability takes vision and a unique ability to solve unique problems. This is an area where Jean Francois Desormeaux holds some especially valuable insights. According to, Desormeaux’s interest in sustainable development is well placed. Ecologically responsible building methods and sustainable design are increasingly crucial to the American consumer, and recent failures on the Federal level to keep eco-friendly promises are shining a light on the importance of the issue.

Green building got its start in earnest, Jean Francois Desormeaux explains, in the early 90s. Interest has been spreading since then. The average consumer/voter is more aware than ever of the need to push green building technologies and techniques to their maximum potential.

The average American is also cognizant that building greener does not require science-fiction level technology. The work of innovative builders has proven that advanced materials and intelligently designed arrays of windows can make a structure better able to take advantage of the local climate for heating and cooling functions. But this is just a start to what is now possible.

Passive heating and cooling are sustainable, Jean Francois Desormeaux explains. Not only is it sustainable, but it is deficient in maintenance.

Cutting down on moving parts and reducing the high energy demand of HVAC machinery drastically decreases the cost of owning and operating a building so equipped. This alone shows that rising economic pressures and the need to be better stewards of the earth are compatible concerns. Jean Francois Desormeaux says, “Being energy efficient means becoming more economically viable.”

Jean Francois Desormeaux points out that green architecture can conjure up images of experimental structures that may not appeal to a more conservative investor. However, advanced appliances alone can go a long way toward making a building more sustainable and more economical to own and run. Energy-efficient appliances, lighting, eco-friendly paints, and better insulation are just a few conventional ways to make a big difference. Jean Francois Desormeaux tells us that even in existing structures built before the 1990s, these solutions can be easily equipped with such things to significant effect.

This means companies and real estate investors have a clear path to making good on their sustainability promises. Jean Francois Desormeaux says it may sting in the short term to make the change. Still, forward-thinking business people will surely appreciate the long-term financial benefits of utilizing energy-efficient utilities.

Jean Francois Desormeaux has taken his commitment to pursue eco-friendly solutions more seriously than many of his contemporaries. He is committed to leading the way in this regard, and he reports with due satisfaction that the most respected investors out there see the value of his vision


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