From Farm to Product – A Look at How The Juice Plus+ Company Harvests Their Produce and Creates Their Nutritional Products

From Farm to Product – A Look at How The Juice Plus+ Company Harvests Their Produce and Creates Their Nutritional Products

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As consumer awareness around food production and sourcing continues to grow, it’s increasingly important for companies in the health space to be transparent about the origin and production of their products. At The Juice Plus+ Company, traceability is paramount, and their plant-to-product process standard is best-in-class. By prioritizing the sourcing of a variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients directly from trusted farms, the company ensures the nutritional integrity and value of their products.

Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blend capsules follow a carefully considered six-step journey from plant to product, providing customers with unparalleled whole-food nutrition.

Partnering with the Best Growers
For over 30 years, The Juice Plus+ Company has partnered with mid-sized family farmers they know and trust. These farmers take great pride in their seeds, fields, and orchards, and have years of experience growing the finest non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and berries. The partnerships help ensure that the produce used in Juice Plus+ capsules is of the highest quality.

Harvesting at Nutritional Peak
Unlike the produce on supermarket shelves, the fruits and vegetables in Juice Plus+ products are allowed to fully ripen before being picked. By harvesting perfectly ripe produce, The Juice Plus+ Company captures the maximum nutrition possible to provide the best benefits.

Many people don’t realize that the moment fruits and vegetables are harvested, the nutrients they contain begin to degrade. In order to lock in the nutrition and freshness of just-picked produce, The Juice Plus+ Company gives their ripened fruits and vegetables a “quick freeze” within hours of harvesting. This unique process, known as IQF (individual quick freeze), ensures valuable nutrients are preserved. An added benefit of IQF is that it allows the company to ensure a stable supply of seasonal fruits and vegetables for the entire calendar year.

Creating Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Powders
The 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries used in Juice Plus+ products are thoroughly and naturally cleaned and then pulverized. The Juice Plus+ Company even uses peels, leaves, and seeds whenever possible to harvest the greatest amount of nutrients. The low-temperature drying technology helps ensure the integrity of the nutrients – including important phytonutrients like polyphenols – yielding antioxidant-rich, colorful fruit and vegetable powders.

Adding More Vitamin-Rich Plant-Based Ingredients
The Juice Plus+ Company takes their freshly made plant powders and boosts them with extra vitamins and other nutrients from plant sources, such as folate from lemon peel and vitamin C from acerola cherry. Plant powders plus plant nutrients equals elevated plant nutrition.

Protecting Plant-Based Goodness Inside Capsules
The Juice Plus+ Company wraps their nutrition-rich powders in a unique, custom-made vegan plant-based capsule made from pullulan, a tapioca starch. Pullunan is recognized to be the most effective material for protecting the Juice Plus+ powders from degradation. Next, the company preserves the capsules in special tightly sealed bottles that protect the goodness inside from moisture and oxygen. This ensures the blends stay fresh at every stage of the journey to customers.

To provide customers with the very best in whole food nutrition, The Juice Plus+ Company offers a concentrated source of plant-based nutrition to help people bridge the gap between what they should consume and what they actually consume. From partnering with trusted family farmers to preserving the nutrient-rich powders in plant-based capsules, intentional and thoughtful steps are taken to ensure the integrity and quality of the products. By offering the nutritional power of 30 different farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus+ capsules help customers around the world take greater control of their health and positively impact their health journeys.

About Juice Plus+
The Juice Plus+ Company is a global health and wellness company with a mission to inspire healthy living around the world. It operates in 27 markets globally and is supported by a mission-driven community of over 200,000 independent sales Partners and over one million customers.


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