Kilo Health on the Modernization of Healthcare: Why Integrating Technology Is Critical for Patients

Kilo Health on the Modernization of Healthcare: Why Integrating Technology Is Critical for Patients

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Building healthy habits starts with understanding how people function in the modern world. It’s why Kilo Health is meeting the public halfway by integrating healthcare into the technology they use every day.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2021 / Healthcare modernization and patient engagement go hand-in-hand, and few people understand this concept better than the people behind Kilo Health. Because so many healthcare professionals have largely ignored this plea, it was Kilo Health that tackled the task of designing programs that spoke to people on their level.

From nutritionist apps to exercise tutorials, Kilo Health is trying to help people address the fundamentals of their health so they’re less likely to be faced with more complicated ailments down the road. The right digital platforms can have a profound effect on how people think about their health and, subsequently, what they do about it. This cause-and-effect principle is written all over Kilo Health’s numbers.

Kilo Health is a leader in digital health and wellness and its suite of products has managed to attract more than 4 million paying users all over the world. It’s their technology that helps people see the industry in a more modern light. This newfound respect is encouraging them to take an active interest in both their physical and mental well-being.

Technology has been a double-edged sword for many people, but the reality is that it’s not going anywhere. If healthcare is going to help patients, it can’t expect to use the same tactics from 100 years ago and expect the same results. People don’t feel seen or heard when a doctor can’t even respect their time, let alone relate to their lifestyle.

Patients all over the world are still being asked to answer the same question 10 times in 15 minutes. They’re given advice that isn’t possible to follow based on their individual circumstances. They’re being asked to track certain symptoms without having a functional way to do so. It’s not that people don’t care about wellness, it’s that many healthcare professionals treat them as if the world hasn’t been turned on its head over the past half-century. Kilo Health doesn’t overlook the changes that have impacted the modern patient.

The employees of Kilo Health know that not everyone has the time or schedule to meet with their doctor during regular office hours. They know that data can’t help anyone unless it can be viewed in a larger context. When the company uses the term “critical” to address the hole in healthcare, the employees mean it.

Kilo Health wouldn’t have made such an impact on its customers if healthcare was already addressing patients’ needs. Not only did one of its apps become number one in the worldwide fitness & health category, but countless patients have expressed gratitude for technology that was so clearly built with the end-user in mind.


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