Maggie Berghoff Leads New Career Paths Online

Maggie Berghoff Leads New Career Paths Online

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Maggie Berghoff, Founder and CEO of Celproceo, a functional medicine health consulting company, and Founder and CEO of personal brand and business and marketing agency which helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs build, brand, and scale an online business with proven modern-day marketing strategies, sat down with Rod and was recently featured in an article in Forbes.

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The article is titled “Reshaping Health Education Leads To Growing Venture.” As Berger noted, many are finding new career paths for themselves, “choosing to leave their jobs for careers with greater personal meaning and life purpose as a goal.”

Maggie Berghoff is a pioneer in this movement, leaving her nurse practitioner job in 2017 to start her path to a rapidly growing online presence and services that help people in many different aspects.

She has multiple online companies under her personal brand, and is consistently adding new legs to the companies, new services, and new ways to help people.

Through her own entrepreneurial successes, having her seen on major podcasts such as John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Chris Harder’s For The Love of Money, hanging out privately with Richard Branson and other well-known public figures and entrepreneurs, publishing a book with Simon & Schuster picked up internationally, and launching many service-based companies, Berghoff has put her frameworks and strategies into one “playbook” as Berger states.

Berghoff cares deeply about helping more people create their own online businesses of impact, and so provides newer entrepreneurs an educational road-map to succeed as an online business owner. She says, “First comes the playbook. That’s why I’ve dedicated so much of my time, energy, and resources to create a framework and roadmap with accessible step-by-step guides to follow. For instance, if you go to medical school, you train, test, and digest the necessary knowledge to become a surgeon. The same is true in business startups. You must learn to become a great online marketer, brand expert, and media-savvy professional.”

Maggie Berghoff did not intend to grow into a highly requested business strategist for thousands of entrepreneurs and personal brands, or even as a celebrity health consultant helping high performing men and women with their physical and mental health. When talking with Berger about her successes, Berghoff states “To be honest, I was first driven by a desire to stay home with my newborn baby yet still make money and work as a career woman. I knew I had a lot of knowledge in health and wellness that could help others and be put to good use. My goals grew extensively from there.”

Berghoff’s companies now bring in multi-7 figures per year, yet you would never think this from her stress-free demeanor, focus on family, and pretty “normal” way of life. She’s a born and raised midwest girl who happened to dream-big and make some major waves that are in no way stopping soon. Despite her very quick successes, Berghoff believes she is “just getting started” and is looking forward to continuing her growth as an entrepreneur and CEO.

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About Maggie Berghoff:

Maggie Berghoff is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health consulting company rooted in functional medicine and trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs. Maggie is also the co-founder and CEO of a business and marketing company she launched and runs with her husband. They offer a comprehensive business growth program, in-house done-for-you services such as PR, branding, web builds, and detailed course launches, and 1:1 and group business consulting. Maggie has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, USA Today, local and national television, and more. She is the author of Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type: The Three-Step Program to Strengthen Immunity, Heal Chronic Pain, and Boost Your Energy, signed by top literary agent Celeste Fine of Park & Fine, and publishing company Simon & Schuster. Maggie is also a proud mom of three young children, and focuses on family, flexibility, and fulfillment as core values in the companies she builds.

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