Motivation: Why Recycling Your Electronics Matters

Motivation: Why Recycling Your Electronics Matters

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LAKEWOOD, NJ / June 26, 2021 / Just about all electronics (ranging from your smartphone to your 30 year old CRT television) becomes e-waste at one point or another. It receives such a classification so that you can easily group together electrical items that (due to toxicity) are only able to be disposed of through recycling methods. A spokesperson from R2 Recycling (an electronics recycler that works with nationwide recyclers that follow the highly valued R2 standard) walked us through what makes proper recycling of end-of-life electronics such a necessity.

The objectives behind the recycling of these items, in simple terms, can be broken down into these categories:

1. Public health
2. Investing in our future
3. Sustainability

Public health concerns are an important reason for recycling because of the toxins that can be found in computers and other electronics. Placing these items in a landfill can make the components (when damaged or weakened by the elements) leak toxins into the soil, and even result in the inadvertent human consumption of “micro-plastics” as a result. Proper recycling (which can be achieved through R2 Recycling and their nationwide network of R2-certified recyclers) is the best means of reversing and eventually preventing any damage these potential carcinogens may cause.

Any revenue generated from electronics recycling allows recyclers like R2 Recycling (which works with partners that follow the R2 standard) to continue operation, but of equal importance – it enables them to keep refining & perfecting their processes so that they can further expand their services and work toward making our planet a cleaner, more prosperous landscape.

The importance of sustainability on a societal scale ultimately comes down to the need for open space, which provides us with life-sustaining needs like food, clothing & shelter. Simply put, you need land to grow food, build houses, and collect the materials for clothing. Electronics recycling is vital because it limits the need to mine for gold, oil & other precious metals, taking away the ore that allows for the pillars of human life to be constructed. In addition, it reduces the release of chemicals & carbon emissions that comes with the processes used to extract these materials.

Growing participation in e-waste recycling has improved our atmosphere and, furthermore, have allowed for tremendous advancements in recycling technology to be made. These strides have allowed for R2 Recycling & their nationwide wide network of R2-certified partners to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, playing a significant part in achieving their environmental goals. Other innovations have allowed consumer gold to come at least 33% from recycled sources, and now recycling old copper has become more cost effective than mining for new copper. Last but not least, lead batteries have a recycling rate of nearly 100% in North America.

Whoever you are, if you made the choice to recycle, you did your part in helping to improve the environment and allowing for the expansion of continued sustainability. Thank you for doing what you can for the betterment of all mankind. If you need a partner for electronic waste recycling, R2 Recycling can help you with any of your needs, with prompt & reliable service nationwide using recyclers that follow the R2 standard. They can be reached at (866) 509-7267 or online at

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