Nearly 50% of Doctoral Candidates Will Not Receive PhD Due to Lack of Support

Nearly 50% of Doctoral Candidates Will Not Receive PhD Due to Lack of Support

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Obtaining a doctoral degree can help to greatly further a career, but unfortunately, PhDs aren’t always that easy to earn. According to the latest data from Statista, the average time a doctoral candidate spends to receive their PhD is anywhere from seven to ten years. In 2021, doctoral students needed on average 7.3 years after starting graduate school to complete their doctorate. On average, they needed 8.7 years after their Bachelor’s degree to complete their doctoral studies. The grand majority of doctoral degrees were earned in the health profession fields, followed by the legal profession, education, engineering, and biomedical sciences, respectively.

The data also found that 19,000 more female students earned doctoral degrees compared to their male counterparts in the 2019-2020 academic year. About 85,230 male and 104,950 female students earned their PhDs in various programs across the United States. By the academic year of 2030-31, Statista expects these figures to increase by 25% for women at 133,000 and 88,000 men, or 3%.

Dr. Anthony Robinson, a Doctoral Support Coach and Founder of, says that despite the number of doctorates earned, most students lack support and have a difficult time finding a professional who has the dissertation process figured out.

“Fifty-percent of doctoral learners will walk away with no degree and approximately six figures in school debt,” says Robinson, who cites a recent report that has federal student loan debt at $1.6 trillion. “Grad students are often told to ‘figure it out’ on their own and read hundreds of articles. This is not the best solution because doing so requires students to sacrifice time with family, work and life. It also costs them many more years than necessary and therefore tens of thousands dollars more in extra course fees.” has helped hundreds of doctoral learners get approved in six months as opposed to years, ensuring they avoid endless revisions and possible meltdowns. Robinson says the goal is to not only preserve their finances, but their mental health as well. In a recent survey published by The Conversation, more than 40% of PhD students met the criteria for moderate to severe depression or anxiety; contends that while a dissertation is important, students shouldn’t have to sacrifice their family or personal life.

“I’ve often heard students ask themselves if it’s even worth it,” Robinson says. “This thinking leads to apathy and causes the dissertation to be put off for years on end. Yet, I’ve found the best and most successful doctoral learners in the world are able to identify and address their areas of deficiency. In other words, they know what they don’t know and they find people to help. If you’ve bought into the lie that you should be able to figure it out on your own, you may be in trouble.”

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