O’Keefe Media Group Unveils the O’Keefe Academy for Citizen Journalism

O’Keefe Media Group Unveils the O’Keefe Academy for Citizen Journalism

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Building on 15 years of pioneering undercover journalism, training over 200 reporters, and developing three distinct journalism organizations, James O’Keefe is now unveiling the secretive world of investigative reporting to the public with the launch of O’Keefe Academy.

The Academy’s official launch was announced amidst a festive celebration of journalistic excellence attended by citizen journalists and guests, who enjoyed handcrafted cocktails and gourmet cuisine. The O’Keefe Academy, a first-of-its-kind endeavor, democratizes the intricate art of exposing corruption through undercover methodologies.

The Academy’s curriculum comprises five initial classes, each based on O’Keefe’s unique experiences, abilities, successes, perseverance, and even his failures. O’Keefe’s unmatched expertise, distinctive skills, and limitless creativity bring these classes to life.

Enrolling in the Academy equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to break life-changing stories, investigate surrounding corruption, and expose the rot undermining our society. Students will learn about the stamina required in investigative journalism, the strength needed to uphold justice, and the principles of a citizen dedicated to preserving freedom.

The O’Keefe Academy’s program is divided into five classes: Ethics, Legal, What is a Story, Tradecraft, and Technology. Each class explores different facets of O’Keefe’s journey and the key elements necessary to bring a story to life, providing the tools to do it repeatedly with consistency and finesse. With malfeasance, corruption, illegal activity, deceit, and fraud prevalent in our society, the Academy aims to empower you to expose these atrocities.

O’Keefe Academy is committed to training, enabling, and encouraging individuals to contribute to creating a transparent, truthful, and honest society. Start your journey towards changing the future with O’Keefe Academy today.

James O’Keefe states, “The media has abdicated its responsibility to hold the powerful accountable; it’s now up to all of us.”

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