RAC Financial Announces Professional Athlete-Turned Businessman, Nick Hiter, as Executive Vice President

RAC Financial Announces Professional Athlete-Turned Businessman, Nick Hiter, as Executive Vice President

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Nick Hiter, a professional athlete-turned businessman and host of The Hitstreak Podcast, this week was announced as the new Executive Vice President of RAC Financial.

As a Nashville-based businessman with expertise, production, and distribution in healthcare, small business ops, brand development marketing, media production, and nonprofit organizations, Hiter’s influence does not stop and start in the business development world.

“It’s our mission to cultivate a great place for young entrepreneurs to learn, develop, and scale their own dreams and aspirations,” said Hiter. “Our extensive network allows us to fully help our clients, whether that be through the initial concept development, or the official deployment of the brand. We are there, supporting our clients every step of the way.”

Hiter has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, Disrupt Magazine, and USA Wire for his work as a philanthropist and savvy businessman.

Beyond being the EVP of RAC Financial, Hiter is also the President of Team Hiter, Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports 501(c)3, Founder of Hitlab Creative Studios, Partner of Home Agent Group, Partner of Hiter Holdings, and a full-time advisor, coach, and speaker.

At the same time as the new EVP of RAC Financial announcement, Hitlab Creative Studios was featured as a company that is ‘changing the game creating podcasts space’ while Team Hiter won another Stellar Award, placing the company in the Stellar Award Hall of Fame.

“We believe every entrepreneur is capable of creating a multi-passionate empire if they double down on their vision and what lights their soul on fire,” said Hiter. “We are always excited about what the future will bring.”

Hiter’s podcast, The Hitstreak, was featured in Disrupt Magazine as a ‘Must-Listen To’ podcast recently as well.

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