Stella Jets– Texas Based Private Jet Company’s Valuable New Offerings are Raising Industry Standards To Higher Altitudes

Stella Jets– Texas Based Private Jet Company’s Valuable New Offerings are Raising Industry Standards To Higher Altitudes

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 Stella Jets is an all female owned private jet company located in Southlake Texas offering values that are exceeding expectations with the launch of their newest expansion and updates. The company has announced many new add ons including the launch of a new loyalty program for frequent flyers. This program will provide free upgrades such as black car service, premium catering, and first options for empty leg deals.

Every client flying with Stella Jets is provided a complimentary concierge who will act on their behalf to secure their flights, car service, catering, and other speciality services as needed. This additional service is at no added charge to the client and is aiming to save them on time, while ensuring their travel is as carefree as possible.

“Time is the most valuable currency we have,” insists Stella Jets CEO Tia Minzoni, “There are many premium services available in our industry, and though Stella’s are some of the most robust, our main objective is to save our clients valuable time and energy.”

The growth in services offered by Stella Jets includes instant flight quotes directly on the company’s website, an update that allows clients and customers to find and book their planes in real time. Stella Jets also offers Empty Leg Subscriptions which are free for everyone who signs up before May 1st 2023. Empty Legs are flights that are typically discounted up to 70% off regular rates. With these new systems and services, Stella Jets is making a splash as the fresh and innovative private jet service.

Stella Jets hopes that this expansion will lead them into more collaborative partnerships, as they already offer access to 7,000 aircraft operators, which include aircrafts of all sizes, as well as helicopters. This exclusivity & robust offering means their business has been able to book flights at nearly any time or location, without the restrictions that are placed on most private jet companies.

“In the future,” explains Jasmine Johnson, Executive VP of Stella Jets, “we will begin rolling out fractional ownership opportunities.”

This will allow for a collaborative effort between company and clients, bringing an opportunity to be a bigger part of this fast growing company that is taking the industry by storm. As they continue their expansion, Stella Jets hopes to offer Semi-Private and shared flights, as well as In Flight Celebrity Private Chef Services and Air Chauffeur Services for pets starting in 2024.

The women leading Stella Jets have an inspirational story they share with young women in business and schools, as well as throughout multiple communities. They are also soon announcing a specialty scholarship program in 2025, which is yet to have details disclosed.

“We are not here to replace the giants in our industry,” Tia Minzoni, CEO and majority owner of Stella Jets LLC, starts, “but rather to accommodate a clientele that has needs and desires that are not matched with the other companies.” With a diverse, all-female team at its helm, Stella Jets is poised to bring private aviation into the next generation.

About Stella Jets
Stella Jets is an on-demand luxury travel enterprise that caters to clients who want to fly safely, in customized luxury, and with the utmost privacy. The company is an all-female owned business, working to bring luxury to a diverse audience. For more information about Stella Jets LLC, visit their website.

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