The Company Disrupting the Mortgage Industry & Saving Homeowners Thousands

The Company Disrupting the Mortgage Industry & Saving Homeowners Thousands

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The unusual story of a small company emerging after disrupting a billion-dollar industry

It’s rare to see a company that looks to save people money. It’s even more rare to see one that reportedly saves clients an average of $100,000 or more. After hearing the name Replace Your University a couple times in mortgage and finance circles, and then seeing it recently in the Boston Herald, I wanted to see if the rumors were true. After all it sounds a little too good to be true.

Who Is Replace Your University?

Replace Your Mortgage started in 2014 when Michael Lush used an ingenious strategy to accelerate the payoff of his mortgage in 3.5 years, resulting in eventually sharing the strategy with others by publishing a book called “Replace Your Mortgage”.

Since then, Replace Your Mortgage reportedly grew at a fast pace due primarily to the word of mouth of successful clients. The company that is now the 500-pound gorilla in the mortgage education industry appears to be disrupting the market.

Recently they rebranded as the parent company, Replace Your University, and added additional programs that have had shocking success.

One of the programs (that is part of their real estate investing program called Replace Your Employer) is the accelerated online bootcamp which they are currently offering free access to those serious about real estate investing. The goal is on turning individuals into successful real estate investors in a short period of time.

Replace Your Employer started by taking existing clients (those who completed their mortgage program and were on track to pay off their home in 5-7 years) take the next step forward in their financial lives – investing in real estate. After having numerous clients achieve exceptional results, they recently opened their bootcamp program to those motivated to grow wealth and take advantage of investment opportunities in the current climate. Now anyone who has the desire can test drive the bootcamp for free in these precarious economic times.

Edmund Fontana, who is the CEO of this division (Replace Your Employer), said the proof is in the pudding based on the results he had. He originally went through the mortgage program and became fascinated with how it worked. He paid off his mortgage fast and knew he wanted to run his own business, and eventually went through what is now the bootcamp. Within 6 months he had completed his first 2 real estate transactions and making more than his 6-figure assistant principal job and knew he was ready to continue down this new path.

They have multiple other programs designed to help take people along their financial journey of financial independence such as helping people make returns in the stock market, develop their mindset, and even become their own banker.

Michael Lush, the founder of Replace Your University, was quoted as saying, “Our strategy is not exclusive to the wealthy. We educate you on how the wealthy utilize their assets and cash flow to minimize paying interest and maximize their returns. We are ALL about Middle America and helping each family win the money game one small step at a time.”

Where They’re Heading Next

After helping more than 6,000 clients they are building momentum and on track to dominate the industry and become a household name.

When I checked their BBB reputation and were surprised they only had a few complaints (which is unheard of for a company with over 6,000 clients) and all of the complaints were successfully resolved.

While Mr. Lush knows the mortgage industry isn’t going anywhere, he has proven over time if someone has a solid foundation, manageable debt, and positive cashflow at the end of the month – then they are likely to be able to use this strategy and accelerate their financial progress.

Lush says he knows they can only impact a small portion of the overall industry. His hope is to save clients of Replace Your Mortgage more than $500 million in unnecessary interest payments over the next 5 years.

You can learn more about Replace Your University and the bootcamp by going to their website