The McDonald’s McCafé Coffee You Know and Love Plays an Important Role in Advancing Our Sustainable Sourcing

The McDonald’s McCafé Coffee You Know and Love Plays an Important Role in Advancing Our Sustainable Sourcing

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Coffee is a priority ingredient for McDonald’s, offering great opportunity to identify sustainable solutions to help positively impact our planet and supply chain. The McCafé coffee you know and love plays an important role in advancing our sustainable sourcing efforts, benefitting farming communities and supporting a deforestation-free supply chain. Thanks to incredible organizations such as Rainforest Alliance and Conservation International, we sourced 98.7% of our ground and whole coffee from sustainable and certified suppliers. Delicious AND helping the planet!

Here at McDonald’s, our purpose is to feed and foster communities.

As the leading global foodservice retailer, we believe it’s our responsibility to make our impact on this world a positive one.

We believe in using our influence, size and reach, and engaging with McDonald’s customers, Company staff, Franchisees, suppliers and partners, as a responsible business with a positive impact on communities globally. We’re proud of the work we do to help make a difference – and will continue working to deliver progress in the communities in which we operate.

We’re driving impact by living our purpose. The actions we continue to take today across people, communities and our planet will ensure we’re building a better business and a more trusted brand for generations to come.

Responsible Sourcing

We’re using our scale and influence to help positively impact our planet, animals and the people in our supply chain especially for our priority ingredients where we can have the greatest impact: beef, soy for chicken feed, fiber, palm oil, fish and coffee. The road between a great McDonald’s menu item and a delighted customer is long and complex. Our global supply chain spans countries, continents and industries. We approach responsible sourcing holistically, understanding that our work impacts the livelihoods of people, the health of our shared planet and the well-being of animals. We believe we must respect them all.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer with nearly 40,000 locations in over 100 countries. Approximately 95% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local business owners.

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