The Power of Interior Design: How One Design Company Harnesses Authenticity to Reduce Pandemic-Driven Mental Health Problems

The Power of Interior Design: How One Design Company Harnesses Authenticity to Reduce Pandemic-Driven Mental Health Problems

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COVID-19 opened the floodgates to a national mental health crisis as many Americans struggled to cope with an onslaught of stress and depression. Studies illustrate the effects of social isolation and mass layoffs led to crippling anxiety, while reports from the CDC show stress and anxiety increased a startling 13% from August to December 2020.

Depression rates, too, have surged in America. In fact, one study found that depression symptoms swelled by three times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, three years later, Americans remain entrenched in their post-pandemic mental health battles. But learning how to relieve stress might be as simple as stepping up residential interior design. That’s, at least, what home decorator George Moore wants to prove with his company Interiors Designed – and their unshakable commitment to creativity, beauty, and authenticity.

Moore is an industry veteran who has elevated his company above the competition by crafting meaningful designs that allow for fulfillment, joy, and emotional intimacy.

“My approach is to look at, evaluate, and design the space as a whole with all the aspects working together for a complete aesthetic composition which fulfills the functions of the space and reflects the personality of (its) residents,” Moore says.

Moore first connected with this philosophy in college while earning his BFA degree. It was while he learned how to become an interior designer that he was able to analyze and understand the best, most successful aesthetics and designs throughout history. Yet, upon entering the workplace, he found a shocking disconnect; Moore discovered his colleagues valued flimsy design trends over proven techniques. Even more disturbing was how many colleagues viewed money as a success marker rather than true beauty and authenticity.

Even some of the best interior designers get tangled in these pitfalls and place too much emphasis on fast-fading trends, designer brands, publicity, and showmanship. The result? A home that is void of emotional fulfillment or authenticity.

“No one says how can we design this project for the highest level of beauty,” Moore notes. Instead, he asserts the key to dressing a home is to pair intelligence, logic, and creativity with proven, classic design techniques to deliver stress-relieving, truly enjoyable spaces that can drastically relieve stress and depression.

Moore isn’t alone in this thinking. In fact, many psychologists understand the connection between a healthy emotional state and quality interior design. Psychology Tomorrow Magazine writes that there is a strong parallel between the two, and that interior design has the power to evoke both positive and negative emotional responses within homeowners.

For Interiors Designed, it’s all about utilizing spaces. “Every aspect of the entire physical environment is measured and noted. Location, weather, physical dimensions, materials, construction, utilities, openings, and functions…all aspects work together to manifest all needs and wants at the highest level of function and aesthetic,” Moore says.

By rejecting trends and emphasizing quality design over showmanship, Interiors Designed aims to create fulfilling spaces for their clients, one home at a time.

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Interiors Designed is a premier residential interior design company that specializes in high-quality materials, originality, and client empowerment. Interiors Designed presents clients with authentic, creative designs that prioritize beauty and innovation to promote long-term emotional fulfillment. The company is run by industry veteran, author, and speaker George Moore. For additional information, visit Interiors Designed at


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