Alphas of Ecom Mentors New Entrepreneurs from Start to Scale

Alphas of Ecom Mentors New Entrepreneurs from Start to Scale

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BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2022 / Success stories showcasing excellence, greatness, and triumph influence today’s most famous personalities and authorities. But these stories of success and greatness hide humble beginnings built on tenacity, patience, and dedication-guiding principles that few have been able to master. Because of this, the goal of Armen Sahakyan’s e-commerce mentorship program, Alphas of Ecom, is to help aspirants and dreamers become great leaders in the e-commerce field.

Even as the commercial world has grown more cutthroat, the rise of the digital world, particularly e-commerce and other web-based platforms, has made it simpler for people to accomplish their professional and personal objectives. Alphas of Ecom consistently offers top-notch mentoring services that are tailored to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing in particular how it can support them by guiding them as they develop their online e-commerce brand.

Alphas of Ecom is essentially dedicated to creating experts in the ecommerce field. With how cutthroat the industry is, the program has found it vital to establish itself as a go-to resource that helps aspirants navigate the waters of the commercial realm. Alphas of Ecom goes all-out to serve as a launching pad for those looking to get ahead, covering everything from how to make a great entry into the industry to how to be consistent in the world of e-commerce.

The person behind this program is Armen Sahakyan, a 17-year-old entrepreneur who has devoted his life to the study and practice of business. He started selling water guns to local kids when he was only nine years old. He created a power washing and cleaning business when he was just 14 years old and won the 142nd NYS Chess Championship at the same time! He asserts that chess is what taught him to think like a mastermind. The young power player has remained dedicated to the industry since entering it, now going so far as to use his experiences to teach others the ropes of strategic e-commerce success.

“I am not only committed to climbing the pinnacles of greatness on my own, but I am dedicated to carving success-enabling paths for go-getters wishing to succeed in the ecommerce world. I was raised with the quote by Muhammed Ali, “Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth.” and therefore chose to share the strategies and techniques I personally created with others,” he shared.

Today, Alphas of Ecom is used by aspiring entrepreneurs around the world as a tool for new ecom strategies and techniques. It does this through its one-on-one mentorship, topped with modules, training videos, checklists, zoom calls, and unsaturated strategies. Students have testified not only to the success of their new businesses but also to the positive shift in their mindset as new entrepreneurs. One thing that Armen knows is that entrepreneurs must let go of their limiting beliefs early on to make space for an abundance mindset.

Although Alphas of Ecom has managed to create strategies that boast the colors of excellence and passion, it only handles a few clients at a time to guarantee success and deliver results. In this way, the emerging entity can focus on shaping the paths of its members without wasting time and resources.