Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs Shows Us How to Maintain a Holistic Keto Lifestyle

Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs Shows Us How to Maintain a Holistic Keto Lifestyle

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2021 / Launched in 2021 by mother and registered nurse, Nisha Wadhwa, Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs has swiftly evolved into a one-stop source for research-based content that tackles different facets of well-being. The company stands on the pillars of nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health awareness, serving as a resource hotspot for health-inspired consumers.

The company sparked from an inspired approach to combating depression, originating through the combination of a research-focused obligation Wadhwa felt she owed to the health community in unison with personal postpartum hardships. The unique combination led to an in-depth dive into viable alternatives to common remedies to depression. Eventually catching wind of the scientific-based benefits of a ketogenic diet and giving it a try for herself, she was inspired to spread the neurological benefits of the approach.

Many keto-based websites failed to ensure metabolically health-oriented recipe options and the majority relied more on emotion as opposed to objective data, which is where Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs came to fruition. Designed to inform followers of the benefits of a holistic keto diet, the project rolled out with a mission to educate the clinical benefits of a ketogenic diet and guide followers to a metabolically clean approach to daily sustainability, for both themselves and their families. In only three months, the company has resonated with thousands of users through a combination of credibility, transparency, and digestible content. Employing an extensive healthcare background with research-driven content, Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs is one of few Instagram accounts that emphasizes a sustainable approach to keto through clean nutrition.

Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs has since partnered with various professionals in the global health industry to further educate their followers through open discourse concerning topics of nutrition, exercise, and more. Within the coming weeks, Healthy Mama, Happy Cubs is slated to host a holiday collaboration series of Instagram live interviews with family therapists, dermatologists, and international cooks. To explore more keto-centric content or stay in the know about upcoming events, follow Healthy Mama Happy Cubs on Instagram (@healthymama_happycubs).

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